Friday, May 25, 2012

The Big Move

Wednesday was more great rehab and then Thursday - MOVING DAY!  It is on to Adventist Rehab.  It may take a few days to get settled in as they learn about Paul's needs.  They had nine people being admitted yesterday so it was kind of hectic.  And leaving the warm, loving arms of NIH was bittersweet.  Paul had some fantastic nurses and we couldn't be more grateful for their care.  They were wonderful.  Too many names to mention but Victrie and Robin were two of his favorites.  Francis was also great (even though she attended St. Johns - ha ha).  They are all pictured below and have already been invited to the Beulah Beach Club party.

So who wants to visit?  Here is the drill.  Paul will have 3 hours of PT a day.  He will know his schedule around 6 p.m. the night before. Sooo - send him a text if you would like to come visit.  Please don't just "stop by" unless you hear from him. Keep in mind that Paul has a roommate so wild parties are out and he wanted me to make sure to mention that the facility does have some religious overtones so we need to keep that in mind.  I'm not sure what he thinks you guys are going to do but I'm guessing some of you must be pretty rowdy :)  Visiting "hours" are over at 8 pm so that people can get a good night's rest.  Their day starts very early and they plan on completely exhausting him.  When you know you  are going to visit, please let one of us know so we won't be stepping on your time or come to visit when he already has a visitor.

Some of you have also asked what you can do for Paul.  Visits will be great.  He also could use a few pairs of gym shorts.  As you know, Paul is usually a snappy dresser but the best "outfit" for PT is gym shorts and t-shirts.  So if you are so inclined....

Thanks for all of your kind words for Paul.  I've been reading them to Paul as he doesn't have Internet access just yet.  He does try to check his phone so texts are good too.  He may not answer depending on how tired he is but know that he greatly appreciates every one of you.

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  1. Wow! You look great!! I loved seeing all the pictures and reading about your progress. I hope the rehab center experience will be just as good as NIH. I know it will be alot of work, but I have heard they are very good there. Keep up the awesome work! It will all pay off when you get home.Take care! Carrie XO