Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quiet Weekend

Things have been going pretty well but we have had a few bumps in the road. That is to be expected.  The good news/bad news is that Paul still has his catheter in.  There was some confusion about that between the two surgeons but the head guy said leave it in and let him heal.  As you may know, there is some risk of infection with leaving a catheter in.  The good news is with all of his little helpers watching his every move, they were able to see something in the urine before he actually spiked a fever and get him on Cipro right away.  So while yes, he had an infection, it was kicked almost before it started.

Today Paul was out of the bed and outside a couple of times today.  They have this really cool lift to get him out of bed which kind of takes him via sling to the wheelchair.  It is a lot less stressful on his body than somebody trying to lift him.  That saves his energy for PT which will start up again tomorrow.  The goal is to get him to the point where he can withstand 3 hours of therapy a day (not all at the same time) so that he can move to rehab.  If I would have to guess I would say Thursday may be his moving day.  Now is when it gets really tough because it is all up to Paul.  It is going to be painful and exhausting but you know Paul is determined.  At times he gets a little frustrated and thinks his neck can't withstand the work but his doctor says it will be okay.  I can't imagine how hard it must be to 1 - do the work and 2 - not be a little freaked out when you feel some weird pain.  There is a lot of mind over matter that has to go on here which is easier said than done.  If you can imagine the pain Paul has been feeling, literally for years, and then having some pain or tingling now and trying to convince yourself that it isn't going to lead to something else.  But that's what he has to do.  Easy for me to say.

If you are reading this blog, please leave a message for Paul.  He loves seeing what people have to say.  You all are his biggest cheerleaders and he appreciates hearing from you on the blog.  It is still a little challenging for Paul to talk on the phone so don't be concerned if you don't hear from him or if he doesn't answer the phone.  Recovery is the main goal right now.  Leaving him a message here is the best thing right now.  Hopefully when he gets into rehab he will be able to have some visitors but we'll have to see what his schedule is like.

Carole goes home tomorrow and I've just got to say what a tremendous help she has been.  She has spent the night at the hospital; coordinated with the nurses; been Paul's constant advocate; talked him through many situations; been his constant companion; etc.  To say Paul is blessed to have her in his life would be a gross understatement.  It will easily take the five of us to try and fill her shoes.  Paul has also had so many great nurses at the NIH - Tina, Robin, Victory and Nanette to name a few.

More later in the week.


  1. "Paul and all the Nurses," sounds like the title of a B movie spy drama filmed entirely on the campus of UDC in cooperation with NIH, the FBI, CIA, and the ATF. Food and entertainment was probablly arranged by GSA with the support of USDA, the FDA and Michelle Obama's Food Alternatives Treatment & Toiletries Center, also known as Mrs. MO's F.A.T.-HEAD House. Our story begins with a wise-cracking but endearing surgical patient, played by Paul Walker (of Fast and Furious fame). who is holed up in a hidden, top secret, government facility deep in the exotic jungles of Bothswana/Bethesda, Maryland. Our hero, who was injured during his last, successfully completed mission, is being tended to by a bevy of captivating caregivers, all of whom understand and gladly accept the privilege they share in helping in the healing of our suave and spirited very Secret Agent. Don't you just love those secret agent-D.C.-Medical Mystery Thrillers? I do. ...especially in the finale when the hero wins, and happily walks out of the hospital, pain-free, smiling, winking with his shades on, his trenchcoat buttoned up as he returns to the good life he deserves, suurounded by loving family and good friends.

    Hang in there, PB. Your happy ending is just starting. We're rooting for you. JA

  2. Howdy Paul. I have been tracking your progress and, as expected, it sounds like you are kicking ass! Truly a blessing to have NIH right there. Also a true blessing that you have such a great family (and friends) all around you. I don't need to tell you to "hang tough" 'cause you wrote the f'ing book on that! If there was a magazine titled "Tough MF's and SOB's," you would be on the cover! If McDonalds named a sandwich after you, it would be called "The McBADASS!" If you were to run into the Dos Equis guy in a bar, you'd most likely haul off and knee him in the sack, grab his beer from his hands as he fell, take both his girls and put them on your arms and say: "excuse me, I believe these are mine." I could go on and on. What I am trying to say is that you command respect. You've got mine! Very much looking forward to seeing you sometime soon. Suzy, thanks for keeping us all updated with the blog. I have only one question for you though: Uncle Dick is pulling strings from......................................Heaven?? :):) -Out. Cousin Pat.

  3. Pat - you never cease to make me crack up. Your "handle" - really? Oh Lord!

    You know perfectly well that Grandad is pulling strings from...Heaven (yes really). He is also telling me that I am a mean as a junk yard dog and telling Paul that he should not let Carole (whom I'm sure he is calling "sweet marie") that angel walk out the door.

    Joe A - forget about selling the drugs. You and Pat should be writing a book together. 50 Shades of Gray is already taken but perhaps something similar? Just sayin...

  4. Well I thought I might come bustin in there to see my bud, but Brian Orakpo said the best I could do now is be the bottom of the pyramid as a cheerleader. It’s OK I kinda like the view!!! Anyway my man you keep up the good work and I’ll keep cheering you on. Can’t wait to get the green light to come see ya!!!
    See ya soon Sgrigs!!!

  5. Hey Loverboy!Jeez, I am tired just listneing to all the things you are doing less than a week after surgery. Tired, but not surprised. You are amazing. I have known it from the first day I met you! Just keep doing what you are doing. All your hard work will pay off. I can hear it already in the voices of your family and friends. Take it one day at a time, or one hour at a time if need be. Let the caregivers work out the details.
    Don't let that comment about 50 Shades of Grey scare you! We will discuss it in depth next time I see you! Just a thought?! Take care! XO