Thursday, May 17, 2012

Great Exhausting Day

Pretty good day all in all.  Carole spent the night at the hospital to keep an eye on Paul and help him.  He went without pain meds from 10 pm to 5:30 am.  He is really not experiencing much pain except for in the incision site.  We did hit a "bump" overnight when he spiked a fever but that was brought down with Tylenol. Chest xray and CBC showed no infection and clear lungs and the fever was gone as of this afternoon.  Apparently this can happen with surgery and is fairly normal.  Paul had a huge pt day.  He was put in a high backed wheelchair and actually used his legs to pedal a bike for 10 minutes then worked on both arms.  Can you say, I just had surgery two days ago?  Incredible.  I think Paul is afraid to believe this is really happening.  But again, this is a marathon not a sprint.  It was an exhausting but good day.  Some of you may have tried to call but he is really trying to focus his energy on his rehab so don't be concerned if he doesn't answer the phone or call/text you back.  He really does need to be singularly focused right now and Carole is providing plenty of care, love, support, humor and guidance.  The "rest" of the Browns (Carole is an honorary member) tried to leave him alone today. 

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  1. GO PAUL!!!! AWSOME! Keep up the great WORK!!!
    Many THANKS! To the Paul support staff (friends and family) for keeping us posted.
    I will continue to pray! My constant thoughts are with you. CONTINUE the GREAT WORK! And get well SOON.